What You Need to Know: Travel Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Advanced preparation and planningResearching your travel is important and time spent researching is never misused. You must study the culture and get a complete feel for the nation. Is it a Muslim country? If yes, then make sure you have packed the right things, think about how to dress and fit in accordingly. Does the country have rigid laws on how a female should “act?” As individual travelers we may not agree with certain country views but it is very important to be a humble traveler in a foreign nation to avoid problem. Does the country have a culture of “hassling” women, is there a history of sexual assaults against females, all these problems need to be recognized previous to departure. With past knowledge you can then propose to adjust to the environment.Plan routesWhether you are coming home from a beach, bar or museum, think of the route you will take. You must avoid silent areas, passages or other perceived areas of danger. You must think about using a taxi and assure it is from a trusted company that you have been endorsed.Follow your instinctThe secret to keeping away from danger is to pre-empt situations and let yourself time to respond. This comes down to training and practice; we strongly recommend learning from experts about how to determine risk and react accordingly, but the main rule is to follow your instinct. If something feels erroneous, there is a good chance that it is really wrong. Respond straightaway to make sure your safety and care about whether you were right or wrong later, when you are a 100% safe and sound.Situational AlertnessBeing alert of one’s surroundings is of high importance to determine the threats in advance. This is why people are teaching basic anti-surveillance to students. Offenders and predators may follow their prey for a short time prior to an assault to give the best opportunity of when to attack. With advanced observational skills and alertness, likelihood of seeing an attack or threat is extremely heightened and let a person time to respond. This is also beneficial in evading pick-pockets, opportunistic criminals, muggers and many other risks.Hotel and Accommodation SecurityYou must carefully pick good accommodations by researching areas through travel forums, hotel websites and a lot more. Is the hotel well managed? Is the place safe to travel after dark? Does the hotel have safe security? This does not mean stay in 5 star hotels everywhere; it can mean paying a few dollars to be in a trusted area but still in a backpacker hostel. We can give extra layers of safety and security for ourselves, like for example when traveling we it is strongly suggested carrying a secondary door lock – a $5 worth and small enough to put in your pocket providing this secondary layer of safekeeping. Moreover, don’t open your hotel or hostel door except if 100% certain, though the claim is housekeeping.ConclusionEverything shared and discussed above are just tips and techniques of the trade. Many people often travel and still learning new tricks to adapt and handle situations and this is the reason why many travelers have improved their travel safety courses. Experts from all walks of life train continually to make sure peak performance and to be set and always be ready. So, we also believe it should be the same for explorers. You must take control and be responsible for your own safety through advanced preparation. Travel is one of the best adventures life has to offer; therefore it is worth taking time to systematically prepare to avoid potential fears and assure you have a great experience of a lifetime.

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