Hotel Tips for Women Travelers (And a Few Men Too)

The growth of the hotel industry over the last few years has increased the number of choices you have when traveling. The increase of travel also brings with it an increase of the undesirable element we all face in our modern times. Therefore, hotels must protect themselves with rules and policies. The list below gives a few tips to help you, when traveling, to have a smooth trip and pleasant stay at your hotel.o Reservations – When making your reservation have your information ready, arrival and departure dates, any specials or club discounts you may have, address, phone number, and credit card. Having this information ready will make the reservation process smooth and efficient.o Special Requests – Mention special requests at the time of the reservation. This is not a guarantee, but letting the hotel know your special request up front helps them to find a room that will make you happy.o Confirmed or Guaranteed – Most hotels will take your credit card number and confirm your reservation until a certain time. They may charge your credit card number if you don’t show up or if there is a cancellation charge, but usually your card will not be charged at the time of the reservation.Some hotels will offer a guaranteed reservation where they will charge your credit card number for one night’s charges, so your prepaid room will be there for you even if you show up late. A guaranteed reservation will be more costly if you do not show up, but you will have a better chance at a room. Be sure to ask the hotel about their guarantee policy and about their cancellation policy.o Break a Reservation – It is unfortunate that hotels must cover the costs of those rude people, who reserve rooms, do not cancel and never show up. At certain times, peak seasons, holidays or special events, they may be in an overbook situation and need to break some reservations. In order to keep your reservation at the top of the list for available rooms; confirm your reservation by calling the day before arrival to verify your information, arrive on time, update your reservation if you are going to be late, stay often with the same chain of hotels, and join their premium clubs. If it comes down to who gets the last few rooms, you probably will not see the premium club members waiting around.You might call the hotel directly and let them know you will be there at a certain time and you want to make sure you have a room waiting. If you have made the extra effort and they know you are coming, most hotels will also make the extra effort to have a room for you. Of course, if they do produce, do not forget to thank them. Everybody likes some appreciation.o Checking In – Bring your confirmation number, a picture I.D., and the credit card you will be using to pay for the room. Jot down your license plate number on your way in. In case of an unforeseen emergency, the hotel will have a way of finding the owner of the car.o Protect Your Valuables – Do not leave a housekeeping service tag on your door. This is an announcement that you are not in your room. Use the hotel safe deposit boxes and avoid leaving anything of value in your room. Never leave cash in your room.o Personal Safety – If the hotel has several buildings, request a room in the main building. Register with your business address and phone number. Ask the front desk clerk to write the room number down instead of stating it aloud for anybody in the immediate area to overhear. If they do say your room number aloud, insist on a different room. Always keep your door locked and use the deadbolt while in the room. Always use the peephole and chain or security bar when someone knocks on your door. Immediately report any suspicious activity to the hotel’s staff. If you receive an unexpected delivery at your room door, call the front desk to verify the delivery.These simple steps will help to ensure a smooth and safe visit at the hotel and an enjoyable trip.

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